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Gayk North America is the exclusive distributor for all Gayk products, Doyle pile drivers, and CN Tech extractors, and we carry all associated parts, supplies, and accessories in our U.S. facility. Our mission is to support the solar energy industry by providing reliable, cost-effective, technology-driven solutions that help make solar energy less expensive and more available. We directly partner with the construction companies that build ground-mounted solar projects with products, supplies, software, and consulting services. We inventory parts and supplies for our equipment in the U.S. for quick delivery to jobsites because we know idle equipment and idle labor cost money. We only sell high quality, dependable products, and we support those products for their lifetimes. 


Standards in Excellence

Gayk North America, LLC was formed in 2018, by the owners of NASKU USA, as the exclusive distributor of Gayk pile drivers and related products in North America, as well as the exclusive distributor of NASKU GPS and Automation systems in North America. Gayk GmbH has been manufacturing high quality pile drivers for 40 years. NASKU built the first GPS automation system for solar pile driving in 2007, and has been improving and refining the system ever since. There are currently hundreds of NASKU systems operating all over the world. In 2021, we added Doyle pile drivers to our offerings, after spending 2 years working closely with them to refine their products and bring them to a very high standard. We continue today to add quality products and services to our business, all in an effort to fully support the ground mounted solar industry.



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